Tips For Hiring A Rancho Cucamonga Divorce And Family Law Attorney

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Families normally face a number of legal challenges in everyday life. Many people often get legal advice from colleagues and friends as well as from the internet on how to deal with those issues. However, that is not always recommended. Legal advice should be sought from attorneys who are qualified and licensed to operate in the area. For instance, you should hire a Rancho Cucamonga divorce and family law attorney to offer legal advice, guidance and representation in court whenever you are faced with a family related legal issue. The following are some of the cases that family lawyers normally handle:


i) Rancho Cucamonga Divorce Cases

Married couples always hope to spend their lives together as a family, but that is not always possible. There are some marital disputes that may arise and force the couple to split. This is where divorce usually comes in. Divorce is a legal process through which married couples are separated and a marital union is dissolved. During the separation, each spouse is entitled to a portion of the marital estate, which is divided according to state law. If the couple has kids, the issue of child custody must also be discussed and resolved. If a spouse needs financial support after the divorce, the issue of spousal support must be addressed either in or out of court. Whatever the case, it is important for anyone who is seeking a divorce, or is being divorced by their spouse to hire an experienced lawyer to take care of their interests. The attorney can help with everything from filling the necessary forms, negotiating a divorce settlement and mediating between the couple. After all, most couples seeking a divorce are not usually in good speaking terms.

ii) Adoption in Rancho Cucamonga

There are a number of reasons why parents may want to adopt a child into the family. For instance, a married couple may not be able to have their own kids. There are also couples that don’t wish to have children for one reason or another. In many cases, however, married couples normally adopt kids into their family because they are grateful for the gifts they have and would like to share that joy with the less fortunate. Whatever the reason for wanting to adopt a child, the process is long and filled with numerous legal hurdles. A family lawyer can act as your adoption lawyer and work to make sure that the adoption goes through.

iii) Paternity and Child Support Cases


There are many single mothers out there who are raising children alone without the support of the fathers, many of whom are alive and doing well. If you are a single mother seeking to have the father of your child take responsibility for their part in catering for the child’s needs, it is important you hire a family lawyer to help you prove paternity and negotiate a suitable child support payment as well as visitation rights. If negotiations fail, the lawyer can always seek the intervention of the court for administration of a paternity test and resolution of the child support issue.

iv) Alimony

Spousal support is an important component of a divorce agreement. Usually, a spouse with little or no income source is entitled to financial support from their former spouse until they get a decent job. Spousal support payments are usually a thorny issue in divorce negotiations since the other high-income earning spouse may not be willing to pay. If you need an increase in alimony payments, or you would like to stop paying alimony to your former spouse for one reason or another, you should hire a Rancho Cucamonga divorce and family law attorney to represent you in court.

v) Child Custody Issues

Raising a child is not a joke. Children have rights while parents have many obligations. If parents overlook the rights of their child, or fail to honor their obligations, the state has the responsibility to put the child in the foster care system or grant custody to any responsible relative who wants custody of the child. During a divorce, child custody must be adjudicated and granted to the most suitable parent. Judges normally consider the best interests of the child when determining custody. Finances are never an issue since the other parent can always contribute towards raising the child.

There are basically two types of custody: full custody, where one parent is granted custody while the other may be allowed to make pre-arranged visits to see the child. The second is shared/joint custody, which is a popular option as it allows the child to continue building a relationship with each parent. In this type of custody, one parent stays with the child during school days, and spends the weekends with the others, or as agreed. If you want to get custody of your child or have the custody arrangements modified, you will need to hire an experienced family lawyer in Rancho Cucamonga.


Guide to Choosing the Right Family Law Attorney

There are hundreds of attorneys in Rancho Cucamonga, but they are not all suited to handle family-related cases. Ideally, you should hire a lawyer who specifically handles cases relating to divorce and family law. That is the first requirement. Secondly, you should check to ensure the lawyer is licensed to operate in the state. Next, you must do some background research to learn about the reputation of the lawyer. This is because you do not want to work with a lawyer with poor family values, has poor understanding of family issues and does not have a family of their own. Furthermore, knowing the reputation of lawyers on your shortlist will help you avoid lawyers with a bad reputation in the legal circles as their bad reputation can harm your case. The legal fees charged by a lawyer should also be compared to what other attorneys are charging. Before making a decision, be sure to have a sit down with the lawyer to discuss the case. Lawyers who are understanding, friendly and have a pleasant demeanor as well as a great track record should be given strong consideration.